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Blue Fire Coffee Roasters
At the Royal Warehouse

As the saying goes "life's what happens when you're making other plans"...and so after fifteen years in the specialty coffee game, the last four as Owner and Founder of Blue Fire Coffee Roasters, I've decided to close Blue Fire and pursue a different path for myself and my family. (Follow my coffee life now on my personal page @patrickm66)

I am honored to have been on this incredible journey - since 2004 - trying to be a good steward to the sacred bean and the farmers and growers who make ALL of our livelihoods in coffee possible. I did my best to make one of life's simple pleasures better for all those who appreciated a great cup of coffee or a customer experience. It's what I cared about the most... making each person I encountered better for being a part of my coffee life, whether I worked for others or ran my own business. This decision came to me in the quiet of an autumn New England evening - talking with my wife Lisa and our two wonderful kids - reaffirming once more what truly matters in life... the people we love and the time we give them.

Deep down I knew this meant saying a coffee goodbye to all of my loyal customers, true supporters and followers... and of equal import the day to day interactions with some incredibly close friends in the business. They know who they are... and some I'm sure I'll have for life. It is bittersweet but I'm grateful for all that this decade and a half has taught and given me as a human being. I've loved coffee, the relentless work it demands and its rich history. What's been sacrificed to make it all happen from just my own imagination on a Costa Rica mountainside to the physical reality it became... no one can ever truly know, unless they've done it too.

Doing something most folks never even try is the success story, no matter what I ever sold or managed to do on a given day. Now that it's done I won't have regret in life wondering what might have been. I lived out the dream and that is its own reward. To all the folks I've met and hung with along the way... to my family, loved ones (esp HOSS??)... too many to mention... THANK YOU! - To great coffee and a great life. #gratitude #newchapterinlife #keepitreal